Hybrid Marine have now introduced packages aimed at Broadbeam barges. Using the same reliable and proven technology for our narrow beam boats we have scaled up the electric drive and power generation capability. These system offer 10kW or 20kW of electric drive and up to 13kW of generation. A big part of the decision process to choose a hybrid is to understand the costs involved. By working with equipment suppliers and reputable boat builders we have put together a complete hybrid package that results in an overall boat cost that is little more than a standard build. Our hybrid ready package can actual show a saving over standard install costs.

Broad beam 20kW hybrid based on a Beta 75 or 90hp Greenline engine

A number of packages ae avilable : 20kW Hybrid, 10kW Hybrid and Hybrid ready.

Download a brochure -----------------> Broadbeam Package

A Complete hybrid package gives you 4 to 6 hours of electric drive capability and up to 13kW of power generation. Using the 5kVA (10kVA peak) charger/inverter supplied you can cook electric and eliminate gas onboard. These packages will add a surprisingly small amount to the cost of your boat.

The Hybrid ready package sets you up with a powerful electrical system based on a large 48V battery and a 48V / 5kW alternator bank. This system allows you to cook electric and provides an easy future upgrade to a complete hybrid system when funds allow. When compared to a separate generator and propulsion engine, this package can actually reduce the build cost of your boat .

See lower down this page for a price break down for each option.

How does this all work ?

  • Contact us and we can talk you through the options.
  • Select your hybrid package according to your requirements.
  • You purchase through your builder or direct from Hybrid Marine and the package   will be delivered to your builder of choice.
  • Since the hybrid is no more difficult to install that a standard engine there should be no other extra costs involved in the build.
  • We can work with your selected boat builder or introduce you to builders who understand hybrid systems.
  • We supply detailed installation information and are always available for advice during the build.
  • We also offer a service where we can visit your craft for final commissioning and to train you in use of the hybrid.
  • If you have a Beta 75 or 90 engine fitted, or are thinking of replacing your life expired engine, we can also supply an upgrade kit to allow fitting of a hybrid.

Download a brochure ----------------->
Broadbeam Package

Price breakdown

Bellow we show the price of a conventionall high power instalations (one that would allow electric cooking) and compair this to hybrid options


Download a brochure ---------------> Broadbeam Package

Download a brochure -------------->  Broadbeam Package

Download a brochure -------------->Broadbeam Package