Boat Shows 2017

            Show                                                       Date                                      Stand    

       Crick, Nothants                                      27th to 29 May 2017              Beta Marine & E.P.Barrus

       SeaWork, Southampton                       13th to 15th June 2017          E.P.Barrus

       Southampton International                  15th to 24nd Sept 2017         Barrus (Ocean Hall)

      METS, Amsterdam                     14th to 16th Nov 2017           Beta Marine Ltd (03.401)

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Whats New ???

November 2017

Come and see ust at METS. We will be exhibiting a Beta 105 fitted with our latest "V twin" hybrid. Our systems are custom designed for commercial and leisure barges up to 38M. Drop by stand 03.401 and learn about some of our exciting projects.

      Beta 105 with "V twin" Hybrid providing 20kW electric drive and 15kW generation capability

September 2016

We have now upgraded all our systems to brushless, liquid cooled, motor technology. This will reduce servicing requirements and enable systems with even higher power capability. Please contact us for further information.

January 2015

Hybrid marine announce serial production of its range of Yanmar based Hybrid systems

Yanmar based hybrids available up to 110hp

In close collaboration with E.P. Barrus (UK) we have developed a range of hybrid systems based on Yanmar Marine engines. In late December 2014 the first two systems were shipped to ISARA Yachts, a Taiwan based boat builder. The ISARA 45 is a luxury sailing catamaran with a very high specification. The dual hybrid systems fitted provide over 100hp of engine propulsion power, 20kW of electric drive and 20kW of generation capability. This installation enables electric cooking and air conditioning onboard. Regeneration under sail supports all the vessels power requirements and provides "go anywhere" luxury for the discerning yachtsman. The ISARA range of yachts are specified with Hybrid Marine systems a standard.

We are working with a number of builders who are developing hybrid craft and hope to make further announcements later this year.

The "Power Station"

At Crick 2014  we will unveiled our new "Power Station". This system is designed to appeal to boaters wanting conventional diesel drive, with a powerful generation capability, that allows electric cooking. Based on our existing technology this system can be upgraded to a full hybrid at any time.

The "Power Station" combines a conventional Beta Marine engine (43, 50, 75 or 90hp) with a powerful brushless generator. At a typical cruising speed of 1,250RPM you can achieve normal propulsion and a full 5.5kW of electrical generation. The Generator can run while under way or with the engine in neutral alongside the bank.

The system uses this powerful generator in conjunction with a 48V battery bank and a 5kVA continuous (10kVA peak) charger/inverter. This provides enough power to have an all electric boat (eliminate gas and cook electric) and run all the domestic appliances you have at home.

The large amount of stored energy in the batteries and powerful inverter allows you to run all appliances with the engine cycled down. You can cook your Sunday roast, alongside the bank, in complete silence!

Select your battery bank size according to your needs and dawn/dusk charging, alongside the bank, can be eliminated. The powerful generator will soon charge your batteries the next time you are on the move.

When purchasing a complete packaged, for a new build narrow or broad beam, the price is similar to the conventional travel power option. With the many benefits provided this is a very compelling system to consider if you are planning your new boat.

A complete Power Station will be on display at Crick 2015 alongside our popular hybrid options.

Download a PDF of the "Power Station" System

Hybrid Marine announces it's warranty for the use of
100% biodiesel.

Become a "Biofuel Pioneer" and join us in improving the environment. Contact us for further details.

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Availalbe now, 20kW/90hp hybrids  --> contact us for details

Spring 2013, Yanmar SD20 saildrive--> contact us for details

Summer 2013, Yanmar 55 Hybrid--> contact us for details

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