Hybrid Marine Products


DJI 0460 1Seagoing Hybrids

Our seagoing hybrids offer a flexible solution to meet the specific needs of the individual boat with a choice of engine sizes and manufacturers with single or dual electric motor configurations. The system is then completed with a choice of battery sizes and types and a range of Inverters, chargers and solar controllers as needed by the individual design.

Commercial Craft

From small workboats to 35m passenger trip boats seating 50 guests, our systems can be adapted for many commercial applications.

Steadman 2

Narrow Boat Hybrids

Our narrow boat systems provide silent electric propulsion and ample domestic power to go gas free. Standard packages provide the full power of the engine and up to 10kW of electric drive from a single motor.


Broad Beam/Dutch Barge Hybrids

Our Broad beam packages offer twice the electrical propulsion power of the smaller Narrowboat systems while still providing ample electrical power to run all those power hungry domestic appliances. Standard packages offer the full power of the engine and up to 20kW of electric drive from a dual motor configuration.


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