Seagoing Hybrid Systems


No two hybrid requirements are the same. Our hybrids have found applications in seagoing sailboats (monohull and catamaran), small inspection launches and water taxies.  We work closely with builders to design hybrid systems for their particular application.


Beta 105T Red

"V Twin Hybrid, provides 20kW of electric drive, fitted to engines 70hp and above


Beta 50 Red

Single motor Hybrid, provides 10kW of electric drive, fitted to engines 56hp and below 
 Yanmar 57Single and "V Twin" hybrids fitted to Yanmar 4JH and 4LV range of engines
Yanmar 57CR
Typical single motor Hybrid system
Serial Parallel Beta 105
Auxiliary Parallel Hybrid system
Package Yanmar shaft Parallel Serial

Catamaran / Twin shaft system, Complete Parallel hybrid on one shaft and electric drive only on the second shaft


System Functions

  • Whisper quiet electric operation yet the vessels standard diesel engine remains available to meet high end power requirements.
  • Whilst sailing the system regenerates a significant and useful amount of electricity from the freewheeling propeller.
  • System can be operated as a stand-alone diesel generator when at anchor or if shore power is unavailable – this can support air conditioning.


System Features

  • Highly efficient system with much improved fuel consumption figures. Extended cruising range on limited fuel resources.
  • Built in redundancy, if the diesel engine fails then you can use the electric drive and visa versa.
  • Off the shelf system suited to both new build applications.
  • Simple user friendly controls.
  • Acts as an intelligent power management system, can be combined with other renewable energy sources.
  • A cost effective solution that can be customised around your vessel's power requirements.


Download Seagoing Systems Brochure: Beta Marine Engines

Download Seagoing Systems Brochure: Yanmar Marine Engines

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