Commercial Craft


Hybrid Marine specialises in designing, developing and supplying hybrid systems for commercial vessels. Projects have included small water taxis to commercial barges, and even a floating cinema.

Our Commercial solutions draw on our proven single and twin-motor parallel hybrid systems combined with batteries, chargers, and inverters to construct systems from 30hp/10kW suitable for a small ferry to systems of over 200hp/40kW capable of driving a 100T passenger barge.

B43 green low res Beta 105T green

Our parallel hybrid systems are matched to an appropriate battery with inverters and charging systems optimised for the application. This might be large batteries for extended electric drive autonomy or to provide the power for a cinema, or smaller AGM or gel-type batteries for a small seagoing boat.

We have access to the full range of Beta, Barrus, Yanmar marine, and Victron products, so we can include other options within the system, such as Silent Generator sets, three-phase charging (and electrical supply), remote monitoring and control to meet the requirements of the specific application. See our Case Studies for further information.

Hybrid Marine International provide custom packages to OEM boat builders in the UK and worldwide who wish to offer hybrid technology to their customers requiring new boat builds in the leisure and commercial markets.


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