Case Study: Natalia

"Natalia" is an example of one of our larger systems. She has twin Beta 105hp hybrids (Stage V approved) with 40kW of electric drive. She can achieve 15km/h on engines and 9 km/h on electric drive. She is designed to take a coach load of sightseers (50) and operates mainly in back waters restricted to 5km/h. She can operate for the entire day on electric drive from her 300kWh battery bank. The 6kW solar array provides most of the power required for her centralised air-conditioning. In the evening she can plug in to a 3 phase supply to charge up fully for the next day. When no shore supply is available an onboard generator can charge the batteries. For more demanding conditions the twin 105hp engines are utilised. 

Many cites are introducing stringent emission regulations. Hybrid marine are able to supply systems that can operate with zero emissions in restricted areas and still have plenty of power from the diesel engines when required in more open waters. Shore charging requirements are simply a standard industrial 3 phase supply, we can even use a 16A single phase supply to provide a maintenance charge. If no charging point is available the onboard generator can be used to ensure continuity for a commercial operation. As more charging points become available then use of fuel will be reduced accordingly. Thus a path to zero emissions is enabled while still providing a 100% reliable schedule.


Natalia FwdNatalia on electric drive, built in Belgum, operating in central Europe

Natalia insideNatalia's air-conditioned lounge with panormaic views for 50 guests


Block diagram Natalia

Top level diagram of Natalia's Hybrid installation